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#numérique #innovation #futurs possibles

Internet Marketing for Event Planners

Internet Marketing Tips for Event Planners from http://www.netsology.com

The first benefit (seo)
Increase Your visibility within the local community by developing and implementing a search engine optimization plan. Using a solid search engine marketing plan, you will be seen daily by potential clients that are actively seeking an event planner online in your geographic area. Attract new clients by being found on the first page of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Be seen in the relevant local map listings of these search engines. Let's put it this way, the phone book is not coming back anytime soon. The search engines are constantly evolving. Having the ability to maintain an effective internet presence is a crucial aspect of being noticed in your community. People in your community are using the internet to find qualified and professional event planners. In this day and age, by staying relevant online, you're staying relevant offline. Competition will only become greater as other local event planning services begin to utilize this aspect of internet marketing. Compared to other forms of media advertising, internet marketing is a highly-targeted, cost-effective solution for growing your business. Are you ready to experience the benefits of search engine optimization?

The second benefit (email marketing)
Ever wish there was an easy way to contact your clients with announcements or budgeting advice? Without mailing out hundreds or thousands of letters, or dedicating several days to dialing up numbers? Use the power of e-mail marketing to reach PAST, current, and future clients! With the click of button you can reach your entire client-base, further developing positive relationships with the people that need your professional service and attention to detail. For many people, finding a reliable and reasonably-priced event planning service in their area can be quite a challenge. E-mail marketing can help you reach these unsure clients, educate them, and help them feel comfortable about choosing your service. Simple things, like letting them know ahead of time what your business is all about, and what kind of work you have done in the past, can make a world of difference in a potential customer's comfort level. Sending helpful information about prospective event locations and entertainment options gives you the ability to stay on the minds of your clients. So when they need your services for planning out that special occasion, who do you think they will turn to?

The third benefit (social media)
Interact with your community and further establish your online presence using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Online discussions are happening everyday about local event planning businesses in YOUR community. Having a "say" in these online discussions is becoming more imperative, as these days most people look online for client reviews and other community feedback before choosing their event planner. Create a personal connection before meeting clients by responding to this online feedback and staying proactive in the reputation management of your business. Don't let others, often online competitors, decide what the quality of your service is. Be seen with Search engine optimization, now be heard with social media marketing. Do you want to control your presence online?"

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